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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interesting times

You have heard it quoted as an ancient Chinese, Arabic, or Celtic curse; "May you live in interesting times." All societies may have said it. The fact is these are interesting times.

We are at the end of several ages. Society and it's accepted framework are about to go through major changes, and many structural institutions we have considered absolute will vanish like vapor. The transition has already started, but the realignment may take decades or centuries.

historically it is easy to talk of the impact of the fall of an empire, or the arrival of new technologies. We are in the middle of hundreds of changes, most declining having a corresponding ascending; and the whole of change tearing at the interlocked pieces, This is one confusing puzzle.

You have a choice. You can ignore your world evolving around you, or you can educate yourself to recognize change and deal with it. The two mental pictures would be of flood victims for the first, surfers for the second.

There are some big waves coming, you risk wipeout either way, but you have some control with the second; and a lot more fun.

At BFU we hope you will learn from the free instruction we provide. Learn to surf change, the waves are a part of our lives, and they are getting bigger.

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