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Saturday, September 15, 2007

BFU -- Accept No Substitutes

Actually there are no reasonable substitutes.

BFU is student-directed learning, the most efficient route to wisdom and understanding.

BFU is just a tool, a catalyst to empower your desire to achieve meaning in life. Self-directed, interest-based learning can profoundly enable excellence.

The substitutes you are offered against directing your own learning are the Frankenthoughts of industrial age formal schools. To discern their value to your life's passions consider their dominate marketing claims.

  • "You need to do well in grade school so you can do well in high school."

  • "You need to do well in high school so you can go to college."

  • "You need to do well in college so you can start a good career."

Is that how you want to invest your life? Getting through college to get a job? Then getting through jobs to get retirement? Have you asked yourself about the difference between "what should I be doing?" and "what in my heart do I want to do?"

Think of all the professional careers that are now being lost to technology or lower cost providers. I recently had an initial consultation with a specialist physician on the phone. I was at his office, he could have been half a world away.

How long before they do surgery remotely, or by robot? The technology already exists or can be created by entrepreneurs. All that stops it are regulatory hurdles local doctors have captive bureaucrats draft to protect their home turf. No other profession seems to have this level of protection from competition, it won't last forever.

Decades of your life can be spent entering a career with all the promise of buggy whip specialist. Your school is not likely to tell you to quit studying a soon to be obsolete field; segmenting and dispensing knowledge is the only business they know (besides asking for more money).

You can not make a diminishing career option more valuable - the longer you stay with it the more you lose and the harder it will be to leave. You need to chart your own course and start a new journey.

What has no substitute is making yourself more valuable.

  • Become a life long learner - because you have re-discovered how to love learning.

  • Learn how to quit - if you are in a hole, stop digging - if the boat is sinking, get off.

  • Commit - to an adaptive general life view, determined to remain flexible within it.

Everyone has a different idea of what you should do. Ultimately you will decide on your own success in life. I can't picture you saying "My life has been a success because I always conformed to others expectations."

Become a jack of all trades, and a master of one. Which one? By becoming a generalist first you increase your odds of finding that one passion that will ignite your quest for mastery.

BFU is student directed learning for visionaries and entrepreneurs.

The only satisfying success will be one you define, the only route is to self-direct your own life.

Your knowledge of an alternative to a life molded by others offers you choice.
If BFU represents your journey from self discovery to self determination how could there be an acceptable substitute?

You may as well register for BFU - at no charge - right now. If you chose the satisfaction of pursuing wisdom and understanding on your own terms, you have accepted the BFU concept for which there is no substitute.

Live Your Own Life!


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