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Sunday, September 02, 2007

BFU Student ID

For BFU students - we have a new college identification generator. Your comments and criticisms have helped us make it better. Visit the Bastiat Free University identification generator page to see the improvement over the first draft.

For prospective BFU students - you can go to the entrance page of the picture ID generator and find one more reason to complete the no-charge registration for Bastiat Free University.

No BFU student will be required to create a student ID; make one only if it will be of value to you. Bastiat Free University is not becoming a bureaucracy.

As educational bureaucracies deflate with the ending of the industrial age, we can expect them to concentrate even more on marketing and certificate sales, even less on teaching you how to think clearly. If Bastiat Free University inspires you to think rather than follow, we have achieved a major part of BFU's educational goals.

Go generate your BFU student ID, you may do no more than look at it and toss the file away. We would rather you carry your Bastiat Free University Student Identification proudly.

Before you forget please send us a note with any complaints or

If you want to tell someone how to find the BFU Student ID generator, tell them to go to BFuniv.net.


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