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Sunday, August 26, 2007

BFU is not nearly as good as we want it to be

Just as we advise our students, we dream big dreams.

In reality though there are limits to our capabilities. There are only so many steps toward our ambitious dreams that can be accomplished with our current resources and staff.

"We knew that Google was going to get better every single day as we worked on it, and we knew that sooner or later, everyone was going to try it. So our feeling was that the later you tried it, the better it was for us because we'd make a better impression with better technology. So we were never in a big hurry to get you to use it today. Tomorrow would be better." - Sergey Brin

We are improving BFU, but progress seems slow when compared to the need of generating leaders for the netcohort age; leaders of character, persistence, and vision. We have maximized what we have, but there is still so much to be done. Even what we have already accomplished needs to be improved.

Choices will have to be made between forging ahead with needed initiatives such as the Netcohort Institute and re-visiting early efforts that now seem so naive. It has to be even more frustrating to a student encountering our limitations than it is for us.

I have discouraged students from taking the paid BFU college degree track, I do not feel comfortable with the value offered. Without income though we are unable to improve the courses to where they offer sufficient value. We have received a couple of college donations, (thanks Matt) those have been gratefully applied toward improving what we offer our students.

This current slow growth period will be overcome, just not as soon or as smoothly as we wish. We know that the existing educational bureaucracy is not preparing the adaptable leaders the Netcohort needs. We also know that we are not yet producing those leaders either - but we do have a clear path toward the needed tools.

For now leaders are
individually self taught by trial and error within a very tough internationally networked environment. Far too many entrepreneurs are lost or have their feasible dreams destroyed before they come to fruition. Many of their projects are needed - the path is however strewn with their broken shells.

We can not and will not quit, but we must apologize that we have not yet created the resources you need.

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