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Friday, August 17, 2007

Join Us In The Adventure - Bring Your Dreams

If you do not yet have bold, creative, even audacious dreams - start developing them.

Goals are nice, for many the setting of goals and achieving them is an important part of their success. But goals are safe. We set them with an eye firmly fixed on the sequentially achievable, and then initiate a developed path to their completion.

Dreams are different, and they are not achieved by sequential and controlled implementation. Dreams are discovered when we extend our passions beyond current reality and imagine the best possible outcome. We may not be able to achieve our dream alone, but planning the achievement is not the immediate concern of a dream - altering reality is.

Life is not linear!

Our lives and our goals seem to flow from step to step, but it is the huge leaps to the side that surprise and define our future. These massive dislocations of normal activity can be perceived as vicious or as virtuous - but it is dreamers that will discover a new path starting at the disruptions door.

Those who only have goals will likely find their plans destroyed by these occasional new realities, life itself may be destroyed. But those that dream and survive will quickly discover opportunities that others might not see for decades. Be prepared.

There will be thousands of "unforeseen circumstances" that will effect our lives over the next year. Those that base their plans on projections of the future will have plenty of excuses why their plans did not work. To the dreamer, each unforeseen circumstance is an opportunity amplified by the learning they have accumulated around their passions.

Discover your passions.

Discover the deep pleasures of researching every aspect of your passions.

Dream of the best possible, or impossible, implementation of passions.

Work, set goals, achieve - and be prepared for the unexpected to provide the opportunity you need to move confidently in the direction of your most audacious dreams.


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