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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Netcohort Institute

The Netcohort Institute is scheduled to start offering services in 2008.

This is a change for Bastiat Free University. All of 2007 has been a sabbatical, not just to renew the contributors to BFU, but to consider ways to renew the educational services we offer and make them more relevant.

The BFU you know will be changing a bit next year, but the services will continue to expand through the entrepreneurial Netcohort Institute. The plan is to enhance opportunities for those who have become the core of
BFU's student body -- passionate knowledge workers united in flexible teams based on relationships and reputation - The Netcohort.

The Netcohort Institute will also offer a new series of college level courses expected to round out the knowledge and skills of the creative netcohort. Many of these new courses have been suggested by BFU students. Of perhaps equal interest will be a form of networked learning -- relationship based systems and tools for facilitating mutually profitable learning interactions.

Our netcohort students will be able to creatively interact with internet centric knowledge workers on real world projects. While not all tools and services will be offered at once, there will be a continual process of improvement as we move toward our goals.

Join us in the adventure - bring your dreams.

Mankind is finally ready to leave the industrial society. The information age has not yet dawned, most of the wonderful technologies to this time are used to enhance old processes. Think Google search, a nice service, but it is in essence a very fast and intuitive librarian. Each tool that allows individuals to shape their own reality is a step away from the "too big" organizations that have metastasized to dominate society. A reality of choice may still be far in the future, but for members of the Netcohort, they can start rearranging their lives toward personal freedom right now.

This is a quick look at TNI, there will be more information soon. While BFU's limited finances will not allow quick growth, we will start laying the foundations of truly useful relationship structures early this next year. The mission of The Netcohort Institute will be to enable student's creative and audacious dreams.

Our goal for The Netcohort Institute is simple: to be the relational focal point for internet entrepreneurs.

The entrepot facility for these new netcohort interaction tools will be The Netcohort Institute.


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