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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Educating Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

The BFU Rector received a letter from a prospective student. This scholar is already a successful consultant and was wondering if what Bastiat Free University offered would be a useful addition to his education. The following is in part, with some editorial changes, the Rector's reply.

I know many successful entrepreneurs that disdain formal schooling and yet desire to earn, not just buy, a degree. When Bastiat Free University was conceived the majority of students were expected to be those same successful entrepreneurs. Unless I am mistaken, and I frequently am, you are actually the first
fitting that description to contact my office while also seriously wanting to attend BFU.

To better place you within the school, or help you decide if it has any value for you, let me ask you two questions:

1) What do you want from BFU?

2) What do you hope to accomplish in terms of learning?

There are half a dozen marketing questions I should ask - but you know those as well as I do. Your mentioning of the esteemed Richard Daughty (creator of a master's course - ed) already answered a couple of questions.

For your general interest, and to address your question on cost I will direct you to our degree information page. For a quick summary of our educational perspective read this page. These are general - I will be glad to answer your specific questions.

Application requirements are simple; add your desire to a reading of The Candle Makers' Petition. (At some future point we may require an application essay on what The Candle Makers' Petition means when applied to a college education. -ed)

All that remains is the no charge registration.

I would suggest that you check out a couple of the courses before you decide - there is no charge for investigation. To be honest the minimalist structure that now exists is not enough to direct most college students - they have been trained only to follow, not to think.

If your goal is to find a life rather than a job The Netcohort Institute is being built for you. Join the adventure - bring your most audacious dreams.

There is still a lot of work to be done at Bastiat Free University and on re-engineering education using new concepts like The Netcohort Institute. While we need entrepreneurial leaders that are adaptable and able to "think not just follow;" they will have to be educated at very different schools than now exist.

Schools like Bastiat Free University is striving to become.

Best regards,


Allan R. Wallace, Rector
Bastiat Free University


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