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Sunday, July 02, 2006

World e-Book Library

I have not yet explored the World e-Book Library Consortia in depth.

Their affiliation with Project Gutenberg does raise expectations however.

To see Hamlet, Peter Rabbit, and Beowulf on the same opening page is quite enticing.

This is not a free library in the self educated Andrew Carnegie mold, it currently costs US $8.95 per year to access more great reading than even a bibliophile like myself will ever read through - currently over a quarter million books.

Project Gutenberg is free, but also has less than twenty thousand books to download - when you are dependent on the generosity of strangers options are limited. The Project Gutenberg materials are selected for enduring quality - Peter Rabbit is probably not represented. They do have over two million e-books downloaded each month.

If Sherlock Holmes is on your "to read" list, a good place to look would be the World e_Book Library, at $8.95 a year the cost is equal to one used book - and you will be helping build the library for yourself and others. Even if you do not plan on reading these books, I'm sure a sign up would be appreciated.

Carnegie gave away great wealth to build libraries and schools around the world - a token gift to special projects is a great way to emulate a man that was once the world's richest man. Carnegie showed what power there is in private, self-directed learning.

The option is that some government bureaucrat will decide to build such a library. That will probably cost hundreds of dollars per person - every year - involuntarily.

Only voluntary actions have virtue.


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