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Saturday, June 24, 2006

If You Don't Do school, What Do You Do?

From Unschooling.com: Generally, unschoolers are concerned with learning or becoming educated, not with 'doing school.'

I really find it hard to believe anyone wants to 'do school.'

Someone else may require you or want you to "“do school,"” but is that the best choice for a quarter of your life?

By the time you are twelve years old you have been carefully taught. You are taught by your nation, your social group, and your family. You are taught a lot beyond the "“fact"” that everyone who looks different than you and thinks different than you is devious and not to be trusted. You are taught allegiance to a group and principles that you are not taught to understand.

If you are now over twelve it is time to wipe the slate clean.

Start with a fresh sheet of paper.

Open a new word processing document.

For your mind.

There is an order to the universe, your first task is to unlearn much of what you have assumed was fact. Half of you are already saying good -– now they can discover what I know.

Sadly that attitude keeps you from learning.

I will give you one key, choice. Your life is up to you, your future can be a replay of your past and your families past, or you can start to envision a different future where reality, not forced perception, rules.

You do not have to give up your religion, just honestly challenge it. You do not have to move from your current country - – just be honest about its faults and direction. You do not need to abandon education -– just seek learning and knowledge instead of 'doing school.'”

You may end up changing your religion, your country, or your educational approach but it can be based on your decision - not inertia.

It is your life -– live it honestly.


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