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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Almost There


Bastiat Free University
is almost out of Beta.

The servers have been changed, the software updated, and you will soon have the ability to pay for your BFU education by credit card.

Of course you can still register and monitor your college courses for free -- so that Paypal option may not matter to you.

Your best bet if you do want a college degree is still to take each course and keep your records backed up at home. When you are ready to complete a class - turn in the whole of your work at once along with that small review fee - your only course expense besides books.

Head on over to the new Docebo LMS university entry page and look at the set up - the course list is just one of several improvements.

Thanks for your patience.

Enjoy rediscovering the pleasures of self directed learning - at Bastiat free University.


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