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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Grand opening Press release


I know BFU will work or not work based on "word of mouse." But hey, this is the way it used to be done. If the blog software corrupts it, check the post at the BFUniv home site:




Students can now access a Cost Appropriate Education Tailored
to the Individual.
  • All classes available free
  • If a degree is desired, $75.00 one time fee, $25 per unit
  • BFU is Internet based, no physical campus
  • using Docebo open source learning software,
        “Spaghetti Learning” http://www.docebolms.org/
  • Grand opening June 29, 2005
Bastiat Free University is a reaction to the expensive education
offered by traditional universities. BFU is a group of
experimental colleges offering a renaissance style education
created for citizens of the information society. BFUniv is a
university focused on learning above credentials.

BFU fulfills the desire of those who want to learn, but don't
know where to turn. A quality education can be acquired for free,
as long as there is no desire for a degree. If they desire a degree
from this non-accredited university, it will be available at a cost
appropriate level.

Many employers and schools will not accept our degrees. If the students have
their own business, or want the affirmation that they have completed a course
of study, our degree will be sufficient.
We are here to offer students quality
learning at no or little cost. The university's virtual doors will open 29 June 2005
with initial classes offered in Business, Human Interaction, Liberty, and Theology.

People do like to keep score; take away scoring from sports and
most sports would vanish. If students find it important to have a
goal, we offer Associate, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. Do it
yourself types will do it for free.

Why is Claude Frédéric Bastiat the patron philosopher of BFU?
Bastiat was a French statesman speaking out against his nineteenth
century French government. Bastiat understood liberty, and he knew
how to speak and write to communicate his views. And what wonderful
views! Bastiat was
Pro consumer, small business, and private
education; while being
Anti monopoly and big government. His logic
is presented with entertaining, well stated reasoning; and he did
like going "over the top."

About Bastiat Free University

BFU is being created by Silent Partner Consulting,
http://www.silentpc.org/ , a group of small business consultants.
The original concept was to assist those that have a small
business, but have never had the time to pursue a degree.
The idea was expanded after discussions lamenting the availability
of affordable education focused on learning. For a sample of BFU
philosophy visit the College of Human Interaction,
http://silentpc.org/university/human.php .

BFU is for the students, they can become a renaissance person and pursue knowledge for it's own sake. Free is a good thing. To enroll visit http://bfuniv.org ###

It didn't transfer real well to the blog. You can see a copy of the real release at the BFUniv site.


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