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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Union Membership at BFUniv


Bastiat Free University is not part of the "Union." That is one reason we are so inexpensive (cheap). If you want to be recognized as a "legitimate" player in the college/ University game you have to ante up big bucks for membership. Lots of folks with doctorates that are supposed to teach; but write expensive text books instead. Ivy covered massive buildings with names of past grads that did something (gave money for the building). Tenure so the professors can goof off after a few years of work. Lots of required classes that waste time and cost money. Big sports complexes so the alums will contribute to "their" team's school. Big administrations to create lots of new rules each year. Lots of other stuff that has nothing to do with learning. Oh yeah, and jumping through hoops to meet all the demands of the accreditation committee.

Years ago I opened and directed a school for real estate. We taught sales, management, and license preparation. One of the questions on the California license exam was "What does cul-de sac mean?" Now this is a great question to show the value of accreditation for a school. Cul-de sac is French for bottom of the bag. Does knowing that make you a better real estate sales person? No, it limits and controls entry into the real estate profession.

Accreditation limits and controls education; and keeps it expensive. It creates positions for people that have doctorates but have never held a real job. It mandates expensive libraries, libraries that could be inexpensively replicated online. It requires all sorts of silly classes that help no one, but fulfill a basic curriculum. Etc. Etc. Etc.

A University should be about teaching you what you need to live a full life. A life you choose, not some committee. If you latter decide to study Keats, you can do so. If you need a basic math or english class with a teacher, choose a local, cheap, community college; we will accept the transfer credits.

BFUniv will provide classes so that you can learn. You have free access to great libraries of PDF and HTML documents at sources such as the wonderful libraries of OLL and FEE. Used book stores have cheap books written by successful people; not expensive books written by professional students that now teach. Our administration expenses are low, and many of our classes were created for free by successful people that want to encourage others to pursue their passion.

We are not accredited, and will not be. You come to BFU to learn, not to spend time and money to buy status. You come to Bastiat Free University for yourself.

This University will not be for everyone. It is just for those who value their future enough to invest in themselves, not a high status degree.

Look us over, then if you want to, Join us.

All we offer is:

cost appropriate learning

tailored to the individual


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