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Monday, June 06, 2005

This Month

Are You Ready?

I'm not sure I am, But BFU will open its doors and start teaching On June 29, 2005.

The classes are still a bit free form, the site a bit chaotic. But there is lots of information available if you want to start investigating now.

It seems appropriate at BFU to let some of that "wisdom of the ages" speak out.

This is from a book written in 1521. Europe was once again torn apart by war, and as always, the loss to all was far greater than the gain to any combatant. Here Peace herself laments:

"Now, if I, whose name is Peace, am a personage glorified by the united praise of God and man, as the fountain, the parent, the nurse, the patroness, the guardian of every blessing which either heaven or earth can bestow; if without me nothing is flourishing, nothing safe, nothing pure or holy, nothing pleasant to mortals, or grateful to the Supreme Being; if, on the contrary, war is one vast ocean, rushing on mankind, of all the united plagues and pestilences in nature; if, at its deadly approach, every blossom of happiness is instantly blasted, every thing that was improving gradually degenerates and dwindles away to nothing, every thing that was firmly supported totters on its foundation, every thing that was formed for long duration comes to a speedy end, and every thing that was sweet by nature is turned into bitterness; if war is so unhallowed that it becomes the deadliest bane of piety and religion; if there is nothing more calamitous to mortals, and more detestable to heaven, I ask, how in the name of God, can I believe those beings to be rational creatures; how can I believe them to be otherwise than stark mad; who, with such a waste of treasure, with so ardent a zeal, with so great an effort, with so many arts, so much anxiety, and so much danger, endeavourer to drive me away from them, and purchase endless misery and mischief at a price so high. "

Bastia wrote a fable that shows the error of thinking loss can somehow create gain. His story of the broken window counters the falsehood that somehow destruction is good for the economy or the world. This complete essay is one of my favorite works by Bastiat.

Bastiat Free University is being built on the realization that society is changing. For the first time in history the potential is developing to select the degree of freedom you wish to enjoy. If you want the government to be your nanny, your conscience, and your senior partner; stay where you are; or move to Sweden. If you wish to decide where and how you will live your life, start learning and planning now.

Life can be a pleasure, experience it.


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