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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Offer To You

In the prior post I made an offer to George. There was a list of difficulties facing BFU and a look at the promise of Bastiat Free University that makes it all worth while.

We can therefore assume you know there is a need for BFU, and that a diploma from BFU has value to some people. If the idea seems too bold, go read that post. The question is if you are one of those people and in what circumstances a BFU college degree will help you?

  • If you lack the self discipline to finish what you start without someone controlling your actions - BFU is not for you.

Even in BFU's most structured format there is not a lot of structure. BFU was created for self-directed visionaries and entrepreneurs - students that find freedom and personal control appealing.

  • If you want to be a bureaucrat - BFU is not for you.

College degree credits or a diploma from Bastiat Free University will not be accepted by government licensing bureaus, most other colleges, and many employers.

  • if you want to interact with other successful individualists in the netcohort society:

  • if you want to be honored with an enviable reputation based on performance;

  • if you willingly want to take responsibility for your own life;

  • and if in exchange you expect personal freedom and control.

There is one more very exciting promise on the horizon, The Netcohort Institute.

For those of you wanting to find a future rather than find a job, the Netcohort Institute will be providing competency based learning. The immediate goal is to help you develop the internet and community skills required to develop new tools, businesses, and technologies.

There will be three levels of involvement with The Netcohort Institute, first will be a free team building and knowledge sharing community that will focus on finding team members to work on simple, and useful projects. As your reputation grows you may be invited to join graduates of The Netcohort Institute in commercially viable projects as a team member - TNI graduates will not pay for this level of involvement, others will pay a small monthly fee.

A third level is planned where those who have developed their reputation will be made known to serial entrepreneurs of major projects with the opportunity to become part of the next New - New - Thing.

It is something to consider.


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