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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Militant Science

When science becomes militant, it is no longer science, and it is probably very wrong.

Pick almost any controversial subject and you will have scientists on both sides of the argument loudly claiming that their papers and research prove the other side deluded. If not the scientists themselves, you will have politically and self interested parties waving the papers - and often quoting pieces of research out of context.

Militant scientists consistently allude to conflicts of interest and moribund reasoning in their counterparts; yet they also line up for private funding and government grants while asserting categorically that they are right. Affronting common sense they claim to expose opposing scientists as ignorant and ignoring scientific method; and yet they expect instant respect for their own views as "top" scientists.

To find the reality of what is currently guessed at as knowledge, do not believe the headlines they seek or listen to their diatribes. Find quiet researchers in closely aligned fields to question, listen as they talk of their studies. You will uncover both the uncertainty within science, and gain insights to help shape your own opinion.

Just remain ready to change those opinions.


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