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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bastiat Free University - Quarterly Update

Greetings to All,

Your BFU is still the equivalent of a provincial college, proud, but with a lot of room to improve.

While this year was slated to be one of introspection there is still work being done.

The BFU Journal is still updated, sometimes with very valuable information. You can subscribe to the feed, just hit that orange button on the right of the URL above. Our Squidoo lens also continues to evolve, it now has an improved donation section, and just about everything else has changed also.

Our growth has settled down, we have a steady (no charge) enrollment of about 10 students a week. This will eventually force a decision on our part, we have at least three choices:

1) Do nothing - we are meeting some needs as we sit, and while operating at a loss it is not a big one.

2) Improve our class structure and offer better value so as to attract some paying students. Time and cash are required for this - both in short supply.

3) Continue to improve slowly as time and finances allow. We have added some content to classes and have received some good suggestions for new classes.

Yes, BFU will continue to exist, it will continue to improve, and at some point in the future it will be needed as the industrial age education systems collapse.

For now we are needed by some that wish inexpensive access to tools for gaining wisdom and understanding.

You are here when it all started, I hope you will stay with us through our eventual triumphs.

May you discover the best in your life.


Allan R. Wallace

Bastiat Free University


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