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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Earn An Online College Degree

A college degree is a long term goal for many people.

An online college degree serves as a record of effort expended earning recognition through learning.

A college degree may also serve as a personal marketing tool.

That degree makes a nice addition to your resume if you are looking for a wage slave position, or an acknowledgment of completion on your business materials if you are self employed.

Knowledge is the basis of positive change.

In finance there is a rule of thumb for large investors. If they own a great deal of stock in a company and notice the company has not, and will not, repair a flawed business plan; they sell their stock to protect themselves. They will then sell short more stock to profit from the collapse they anticipate. Their sales may alert others to investigate and the stock may start it's decline.

I believe as the network society takes hold our traditional, inefficient, expensive, snobbish, government supported and regulated universities must change. They have a flawed business plan for the information society. That finance rule of thumb? If something is going to fall, it should to be pushed.

Innovation by the entrepreneur, argued Schumpeter, led to gales of "creative destruction" as innovations caused old inventories, ideas, technologies, skills, and equipment to become obsolete. The question, as Schumpeter saw it, was not "how capitalism administers existing structures,... [but] how it creates and destroys them." This creative destruction, he believed, caused continuous progress and improved standards of living for everyone.

Bastiat Free University is creating an alternative learning system; cost appropriate learning customized by and for the individual. We offer what a renaissance student needs; affordable higher education self tailored to fit your goals. One day, if BFU does not continue to innovate and meet our student's needs, we will be pushed out by an even better system.

That would be wonderful.


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