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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Everything Worthwhile Is Always The Other Side Of The Merry-Go-Round

It is wonderful to say things that sound profound - but are really meaningless.

It must be wonderful because you hear so many people do it.

I tried one the other night, but got challenged - I guess my friends know me to well.

My friend Tom was commenting on how it was impossible to understand women - but women seem to have men figured out.

I told him it was easy - "men are just a one act play."

Unfortunately Tom asked me to explain that one act play idea. I could have created even deeper hooey - but I just admitted I had no idea - he would have to figure it out.

At least it was easier to understand than women.

This has led me to a stroke of marketing genius.

Have you seen the hot cars with the prestige university license plate frames? Around here it is USC or UCLA. My guess is most of the drivers are working at dad's company or are in hock up to their eyeballs.

Today I came up with a counter stroke. Click on that BFU hat and it will take you to our cafe press site. Here is a great statement that you too can make.

I took one of the baseball jerseys - the one that says:

Bastiat Free University

because I'm too smart for State
too good looking for Ivy League

And gave it to an admiring street person.

Everybody he asks for a quarter will get a look at that BFU logo.

Feel free to do the same.

Street people will be well dressed.

Everyone will wonder what the heck is BFU?

And it is an easier counter ploy than buying an old Chevy that was parked on the ocean floor and driving it around with USC bumper stickers.

If they ask where BFU is - just tell them that like all wonderful things - it is the other side of the merry-go-round.


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