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Saturday, March 25, 2006

LMS - Learning Management Systems - LMS


Can't tell your players without the score card.

LMS is an enterprise level e-learning system. School and the supporting tools available in a Learning Management System to the whole organization.

Bureaucracies love acronyms, The educationist bureaucrats provide plenty -LMS is just one of them.

The best of systems would not be noticed, the learning would be intuitive, the efforts as enjoyable as finding an answer to a question that was worrying you.

Self directed learning has that promise - the rediscovery of the pleasures you had learning as a child.

LMS is one approach, but that may be part of the problem, too many discrete approaches.

At BFU we know we have a long way to go.

Our Docebo open source software is better than we are. With our planned full push starting in July we are a long way from a smooth and seamless educational experience.

It is an excuse that our target student is a self employed business person and can figure us out. In reality those students need an easy and self tailored curriculum, something better than what we now offer.

Do us a favor. Head over to the Bastiat Free University on-line campus and register (for free) - let us know what you find frustrating - we will address those problems.

We need to get better, but hopefully we will never be satisfied.


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