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Friday, April 07, 2006

Business Owners - Earn Your Degree

If it is important to you to earn your diploma - than it is important.

You are already successful.

You may have taken some classes and attended seminars that provided relevant information for your business - but now you want to complete your degree.

There may be courses outside of the business discipline that you would like to pursue, but you want to avoid fluff and wasted time earning empty units.

Self Directed e-learning such as that offered by Bastiat Free University will allow you to create your own degree path. Take the courses you feel are relevant, complete them at your pace.

In on-line universities you have three choices:

  • A computerized diploma mill that will ask you some questions and give you a degree - for a price. The degree is really not earned - no knowledge has been gained.
  • An unaccredited school such as Bastiat Free University that offers real courses is the next option. Without the high costs of accreditation a better price is available. You will have to use your own business drive to complete the diploma requirements - no one will be looking over your shoulder driving you.
  • You can attend an accredited university. Some top names offer easy diploma mill deals for successful business people - they want to point at you as a successful graduate - and of course take a chunk of your money.

There is the option of attending a regular college, but few of us have sufficient time to dedicate returning to the bureaucratic halls of learning.

Many of the options available to you are a mixture of the above. We just ask that you would consider Bastiat Free University in your long list
of prospective schools.

We know we will have to earn a spot on the short list.


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