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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On Understanding Religious Violence

Like reading the preface of a book - a post on A Sovereign Speculator gives a quick view on understanding religious violence.

The post itself is very limited, but it contains a link to a short video by an Arab woman debating with a cleric, The link
is to a quick video clip taken from Al- Jazeera TV, and without any introductory material. This cleric may be a well known extremist to the listeners, we have to make some assumptions.

The video clip does throw some light on the subject of violence and religion.

What makes this A Sovereign Speculator entry valuable is not just the video clip - be sure to read the comments. In the comments a balance is struck against the edited clip by an astute reader.

You will not get the whole story.

What you will gain is some insight into a story that has been presented as emotional sound bites. Like all simple coverage those short emotional sound bites tend to confuse and alienate rather than illuminate.

Most of what main stream media has presented is the equivalent of a book's cover art as used to draw attention. Little real information has been given - and even less balance.

If you appreciate the
A Sovereign Speculator's preface to knowledge - you can now delve into deeper research if you so choose.

Go to This Post about the brave Arab woman and view the clip - read the comments - then consider how little we know of so much.


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