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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Hawk Perspective

I was walking a trail on a cliff over a bay.

The hawks soared past at my eye level watching the cliff face and lands below - it is a beautiful sight.

Of course to the squirrels and rabbits below the hawk creates a totally different feeling. They scurry from cover to hole as quickly as possible.

The perception of the hawk is also of interest. I am too large to be a meal, and am not seen as a threat. In fact finding the next meal consumes his interest.

It is something we as humans frequently lack - this dedication to the task at hand.

What is it you most want in life - where do your passions lead you?

Dedicate yourself to learning all you can about those dreams that have the power to ignite your ambitions.

If you wish to soar - discover the air currents of self-directed learning.


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