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Friday, January 06, 2006

Bastiat On War and Property

The Daily Reckoning provides us a bit of appropriate Bastiat.

The writings of
C. F. Bastiat are from a period very similar to ours. Reading Bastiat has great potential to explain what is happening around us; and to aid us in projecting what may happen.

Consider this a New Years gift.

Remember that
Bastiat was French, so this is a translation, The translation is a bit dated so it may take a few lines for you to begin to interpret in modern idiom.

It is worth the effort if you value wisdom.

Here is a taste of what
The Daily Reckoning piece has to offer:

In order to produce, man must direct all his powers and faculties to obtain the mastery over natural laws ; for it is by this means that he accomplishes his object. Hence, iron converted into a ploughshare is the emblem of production.

To steal, on the other hand, man must direct all his powers and faculties to obtain the mastery over his fellow-man; for it is by this means that he attains his end. Hence, iron converted into a sword is the emblem of spoliation. - C. F. Bastiat

The following is the short essay provided by
The Daily Reckoning.

Read it and acquire an appreciation for one of history's great economists.


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