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Friday, December 23, 2005

Dottie Walters at Bastiat Free University

Dottie Walters is an exceptional entrepreneur and a great leader, full of ideas.

Dottie is helping us create a new Master's course for Bastiat Free University.

This is so new we don't even have a working title for the course yet, we will let you know once the course is up and running.

Dottie shared this bit of what I perceive to be her personal history, I don't think she will mind my passing it on to you. This encouragement was about the new type of learning institution we are engineering here at BFU.

This last one is from my Scottish Grandpa. He and his younger brother were orphans who came to America in a sailing boat. He told me, "Remember, Lassie, we Scots may get knocked down, but we NEVER STAY DOWN!" He was a great inventor, we have his patents. I asked him one time when I was just a little girl, "Grandpa, what is an Engineer?" He replied, "An Engineer DRIVES THE DREAM." - Dottie Walters

If that makes you want to go out and build something.

Do it now!

Here are some highlights of the entrepreneur Dottie Walters:

Dottie Walters CSP, International Speaker, Author, Consultant
President, Walters International Speakers Bureau
Publisher/Editor, SHARING IDEAS MAGAZINE, 27th year of Publication
Publisher, International Directory of Speakers Bureaus
Founder, International Association of Speakers Bureaus
Original Vanguard Member NSA, Founder Greater Los Angeles Chapter NSA
Web site: www.speakandgrowrich.com

Lifetime Achievement Award
John Palmer Award for
Outstanding Service to the Speakers Bureau Industry
From the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, IASB
Irwin Award
From the Southern California Association of Book Publicists


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