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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pursue your own goals

Set your goals high.

An achievable goal is not good enough.

Too much goal is just right.

Plan for a future that is scalable; if your goal is big, you want to be able to make it bigger. As you get close to achieving a goal, set a bigger and tougher one.

Keep learning, as you gain knowledge your goals can grow with you.

I have found I enjoy reading more, and I learn more, when reading is not required. Pick and choose for yourself from Bastiat Free University course reading lists. Challenge yourself to grow. Our course work lists are available at no-charge.

Free is a very good thing.

While access and monitoring of classes is free; if you wish to make a donation to support our expenses and expansion it will be gratefully accepted and carefully applied.

There is a small charge for administration and review of your course work if you enroll in a degree track.

The costs for
BFU to acquire accreditation are so high, the benefits so low, we do not at this time chose to go that route. Of course we could raise the fees by 10,000% or so, charge extra for every little thing, and decrease the value of learning; but then we would be like everyone else. We are here to offer you quality learning at no or little cost. I guess we will have to stick to the road less traveled.

Many employers, schools and government licensing agencies will not accept degrees from an unaccredited university like
BFU. If your life's goal is to be a wage slave, get a degree elsewhere to meet their requirements.

Then enter
Bastiat Free University to learn about the many freedoms you can acquire.

The BFU self-directed learning style puts you in charge. Use that power to achieve goals that are important to you.

You may want to investigate us, it could save you many wasted years and tens of thousands of dollars in expenses and deferred earnings.

If you want a business, start your business. Then come to BFU to learn how to grow your business. If you already have your business, investigate what we have to offer.

For a business person Bastiat Free University offers many routes to pleasurable learning. From selecting a few books associated with our classes and reading the PDF downloads available; to earning a degree you can be proud of.

BFU is home for the Netcohort.

Welcome home.


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