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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Since We Won't Change, what will follow dystopia?

I seldom stray to the political in this journal, but perhaps it is appropriate today.

The following is from the in-depth intro to BFU philosophy (as opposed to the simple intro to Bastiat free University). Neither the intro nor the text is overtly political - but it presents a powerful parallel to where the western world is headed.

- In finance there is a rule of thumb for large investors. If they own a great deal of stock in a company and notice the company has not, and will not, repair a flawed business plan; they sell their stock to protect themselves. They will then sell short more stock to profit from the collapse they think is coming. Their sales may alert others to look for problems and the stock may start it's decline.

I believe as the netcohort society takes hold our traditional, inefficient, expensive, snobbish, government supported and regulated universities must change. They have a flawed business plan for an information society. That finance rule of thumb? If something is going to fall, it should to be pushed.

Innovation by the entrepreneur, argued Schumpeter, led to gales of "creative destruction" as innovations caused old inventories, ideas, technologies, skills, and equipment to become obsolete. The question, as Schumpeter saw it, was not "how capitalism administers existing structures,... [but] how it creates and destroys them." This creative destruction, he believed, caused continuous progress and improved standards of living for everyone.

Bastiat Free University is creating an alternative learning system; cost appropriate distance learning customized by and for the individual. As Oscar Wilde said “an idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”

So what brings this to mind from a political perspective?

America, two hundred years ago a bastion of freedom, is becoming progressively more tyrannical. Anyone who cares to look will see freedom vanishing. In like manner the free markets that gave America its wealth and influence have been decaying for over a century. We are devouring our inheritance.

Since the federal reserve (owned by private banks) was created in 1910 and ratified in 1913 the currency of America has lost most of its value. (a dollar in 1913 is worth less than a nickel now - even as measured by self-serving government statistics).

Much as the Patriot Act stripped Americans of privacy and dignity; so the new financial bailout is set to strip Americans (those not important enough to connect with government) of their savings and their hope for a better future.

The same
non-government federal reserve (fed) that destroyed the dollar is to be put in charge of controlling all markets, the same markets that have been interfered with covertly for decades. You can not find out who owns the "fed" except by inference - which banks got to bail out LTCM or buy Bear Stearns with government guarantees of assured profit? Those are the likely backers of a new program where the fed will bail out everyone - again to guaranteed profit and increased power of a select few.

The American Revolution started by Franklin, Washington, Madison, Adams,
et al is over -- we lost.

is good news. We are in the end game.

Last century a dollar taken from taxpayers and spent by government would bring close to a dollars GDP growth - less than in the taxpayer's hands - but its benefits controlled by government.

Now they are spending the lifestyles of our children by borrowing trillions of dollars just to gain a little until after the elections.

Soon they will begin slipping down hill, no matter how much of your depreciating money they throw around. It is going to be verrry messy.

That is the reason for this journal entry - the poverty that is soon to impact the world will effect all - except those that are already living at a subsistence level or below.

This then is a warning.

Do what you can to prepare
. If I am wrong, preparation will cost little, if I am right it may save your life and the lives of those you love.

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