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Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Price For Knowledge?

At BFU we talk about cost appropriate learning.

It is the student that is seeking that is most important, not authorities telling her what to seek.

What do YOU want to know?

We live at a time when knowledge itself is exploding, access to knowledge is simplifying, and tools for organizing knowledge are increasingly available.

Why then are college costs escalating when what we do is organize and dispense knowledge? Modern industrial age colleges have added research in the Prussian model; this does not effect serious learners - only grad students seeking to become professors.

You don't need permission to learn what you want to know. You do not need any help to organize and apply your new knowledge. Grab a mentor if it will help, but you don't have to give up years of your life and huge amounts of money, and your freedom, to learn.

Degrees are losing value as they become common and bureaucracies shrink. What will be important to you is making yourself more valuable. Rediscover the joys of learning, 24/7/365, as a life long pursuit.

Knowledge is virtually free and freely available.

Avail yourself of free knowledge.


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