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Thursday, February 21, 2008

How To Ask For Money For A Good Cause

There are three links to follow here to paint the picture and show the choices available when seeking donations.

Of course you can also click on the title of this journal entry and find a general
how to ask for money page. Perhaps the following links are better served by the label who to ask for money for a good cause.

The first quite powerful argument is from a post in the Bastiat Society Blog (no affiliation with BFU). It shows a college seeking money without regard to the source.

I'm writing in response to Tom Martin's article about the University of Kentucky seeking state funding for a new high-tech home for the Gatton College of Business and Economics. I hope that the irony of this request is not lost on readers of Business Lexington.
more -->

The second link shows a state college, not normally socially responsible in a Bastiatian view, that has been emphasizing private support by those it has trained and those that support its mission.

Only three days into 2008, Cal State Fullerton starts the new year with a record-setting $30 million dollar gift to the College of Business and Economics. The gift from a grateful alumnus is the largest ever for Cal State Fullerton and ...

The third link is to good old BFU itself and our fundraising page; - so far a
very ineffective fundraiser. However, it does state our position on valuing the source of our finances - and our refusal to seek grants and state aid by complying with bureaucratic rules.

Bastiat Free University does not receive any of the tax payer funding and public grants that are available to other universities and colleges. Further, we do not wish to receive such school funding due to the strings that are invariably attached and the coercive manner in which such funds are normally raised. Rather,

I would be remiss not to mention a one page, general
college donations lens I have created called: How to use college donations to shape our future.

Read the links, consider the differences in approach, then expand your own conclusions to encompass all fundraising, and re-think your position again. If you consider all fundraising immoral, all donations to a cause indefensible, please remember benefits within free exchange do not have to be monetary.

Of all these links the one to the Bastiat Society Blog's post
A Business Education will reveal the most elegant arguments, and is the one you should not skip.


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