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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Accelerating Change

Consider your world view.

We are entering a depression, a valley that our leaders have led us toward. In the bottom of that valley we will leave much of what we knew about how the world works. As we leave the depression in 5, 10, or 15 years we will be entering a new world with new rules.

Think of pioneers crossing a desert in their wagons. The had to drop off cherished possessions so as to survive; but they kept moving. Their goal was an entirely new style of life. It would have been nice to arrive with baggage from the past, but proceeding toward the goal was most important.

The changes that are before us are foundational, much of what succeeds today will no longer work where we are headed. It is our adaptability, not what we think we know, that will allow us to excel. Our education to this point has been centered on facts, retention of specific knowledge, and the quest to obtain proof of completion.

Where we are going we don't need roads.

Not only will society change, but the very assumptions that underlie our actions will be challenged. It is not facts and knowledge you will be pursuing, it will be action derived from understanding processes you will be seeking.

This will not be a time for sitting and learning over extended periods - we are entering a time when learning will be accomplished while in motion. Changes will be made as an action is evaluated, new vectors will emerge.

You might as well get used to embracing change - you will be living with it.

Start preparing now.

Think, do, then think again.


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