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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dottie Walters, 1925 - 2007

Dottie Walters was a friend of Bastiat Free University.

Dottie inspired tens of thousands to reach for great achievement, she is still inspiring more through her materials.

If you have looked at the BFU master's courses you will see Dottie Walters listed as one of the luminaries that has created a course. Unlike most college courses the books required are not those written by Dottie, they are of books that inspired her to become both a successful female entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker.

  • Dottie Walters, how does it feel to have blown a handful of stardust to the world? - Napoleon Hill

A biography of Dottie is on the way, it will not be a standard biography. Those she has impacted; great motivators, speakers, entrepreneurs, and trainers will share in their own words how Dottie helped move them to success.

You will not want to miss Share and Grow Rich, The Dottie Walters Effect when it is released, these powerful words once spoken by Dottie can still impel your success -- order it today. Dottie has helped so many - let her help you also.

Book description at Amazon -- Experience the inspirational story of legendary speaker, author, and marketing genius Dottie Walters though the eyes of those who loved her. Share and Grow Rich captures events that shaped the life of those who transformed the speaking world and shares the lessons she learned along the way. Walters paved the way for women in business and for the profession of speaking. She launched countless successful careers and touched many hearts in the process. Allow her story to touch your heart too!

The title of the new book is derived from her own book Speak And Grow Rich, Which Dottie used as a platform for expanding opportunity in the field of public speaking. She founded a welcoming and advertising service, created a speakers bureau, listened to young upstarts like myself and gave encouragement, wrote several books, started a magazine called Sharing Ideas, spoke inspirational messages herself, raised a family, and seemingly managed a thousand other things.

  • Dottie has that special talent to put her thoughts into words so that the words go out and move the people. - Earl Nightengale

One of her first books filled a needed niche - Never Underestimate The Selling Power Of A Woman, Dottie Walters personified this power. Anything Dottie touched, audio material, books, training materials, and lives has had an enduring impact. As an early and vocal woman entrepreneur she inspired many other women to seek success in sales or public speaking.

Go read the inspirational story about Dottie Walters written by her daughter. Don't miss the section on the special wisdom of Dottie Walters. I'm sure you will then want to learn more.


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