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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Participating In Collaborative Projects

We are entering an era of collaborative achievement unbound by age, location, nationality or any other arbitrary social segmentation.

Netcohort individuals of the Netcohort Society will define a Netcohort Age.

For BFU this is both our challenge and our promise. While we are constructing Bastiat Free University on certain principles - they primarily appeal to those visionaries that want to run their own lives.

"- I don't understand a thing in your books - said Teodor.

- Why should you understand? My books are like a buffet. You take what you want and how much you want from the book, whichever end of the table you start from. I offered you freedom of choice, and you were confused by the plenitude and freedom like Buridan's ass that perished between two stacks of hay, unable to decide which one to eat first. - Milorad Pavic

BFU still needs much more "hay" in many more stacks. We now rationalize what we offer as a menu for student directed learning buffets. While some of the information you need will be found within Bastiat Free University's hallowed holograms of virtual learning - most will be found outside.

First research to discover a starting point, second start devouring knowledge related to your own passions. Third take that knowledge and accomplish something significant. You live in a quick response world. The faster you can make something happen the more impact you will have.

BUT -- if the future will be fashioned by netcohort teams; how can individuals like yourself transition from passion directed living to effective community collaboration? BFU is a catalyst to ignite learning, but in concept is still too close to the formal schools of the industrial past it is being designed to replace. There needs to be a next step.

The Netcohort Institute will therefore emphasize enabling and enhancing netcohort participation in collaborative projects. The focus will be on developing collaborative projects that require increasing skills, knowledge, and wisdom in order to be completed. Relationships and reputation will be built allowing further growth and opportunities.

Much like infrastructure build outs promoted growth within the industrial age, so will projects of the netcohort expand our options and potential within the netcohort age. We not only
have opportunity to create a better future - but to shape its very structure.

Three "C"s that will change society;

  • Collaboration - netcohort teams formed of visionaries eager to improve their lives, and as a byproduct our lives also.

  • Competition - developing different and better solutions to create a winning edge, improving both the quality and the price of offerings.

  • Cooperation - if it is to big to handle alone it can still be accomplished; not by inefficient coercion of governments but by willing interaction between motivated teams of individuals.

"If you wish to prosper, let your customer prosper. When people have learned this lesson, everyone will seek his individual welfare in the general welfare." C. F. Bastiat

The direction of the future is subject to guesses, but is intrinsically unknowable. At best we can master what is available while remaining adaptable to sudden change.

Just as our time is mostly free of plague and famine due to progress engendered by visionaries of the last era; so marvelous benefits may accrue to society from projects soon to be envisioned by netcohort students.

"The risks and rewards of collaborative projects are greater, and of far more value to society, than any illusions of security enslaving human cogs in a social machine." - Allan Wallace


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