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Monday, January 23, 2006

The BFU Elevator Speech

As a student of Bastiat Free University you need a good elevator speech.

As Rector I need one even more. As you have noticed I get sidetracked easily, sometimes I get stuck in details that obscure my point.

The elevator speech is a quick summation of something that is important to you. If you have the right listener from the twelfth to the twenty first floor -- what do you say?

David Cowan in his blog Who Has Time For This? gives an outline of a good elevator speech.

I have developed them in the past for other ventures, but had neglected creating an elevator speech for BFU.

Based on Dave Cowan's outline I threw together this quick BFU information piece:

Bastiat Free University has returned learning to education

1) Modern Education is centered on getting a job. BFU is student centered -- students lead their own discovery journey as preparation for the emerging network society.

2) BFU students are looking toward the future where technology empowered individuals will need adaptability to succeed.

3) Renaissance style education allows a student to rediscover the pleasures of self-directed learning. Our students realize 24/7/365 learning will be a key for successful individuals in the netcohort.

4) Jim Rogers author of Adventure Capitalist, and Nassim Taleb author of Fooled by Randomness are two successful doers that have created courses for Bastiat Free University.

BFuniv.org is available to students embracing the network society future rather than the diminishing industrial age.

The future will belong to individuals pursuing their passions - doers that integrate knowledge, integrity, and adaptability with their networking skills.

This speech should only take a few floors. As a good salesman I should be able to discern what interested the listener, and be able to ask questions or answer their questions.

Now if we have less than a minute. How 'bouts something like this:

Both Warren Buffett and Jim Rogers agree on one thing. It might be better to start a business than attend business school. Today's schools deter and defer learning by focusing on job acquisition. Bastiat Free University focuses on redeveloping the pleasures of constant self-directed learning. Start your own business and you will discover what you need to learn.

That is a bit cumbersome, but it makes a few nice points.

Now I need to polish those up a bit, practice them a bit, and use them a lot.

Thanks Dave.


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Blogger David Cowan said...

Sorry, I deleted your comment to my blog post, thinking it was spam (I get a lot of splogs advertising web sites). Only after I read this post did I realize that you were sharing your own pitch. Please re-submit if you like, and thank you for commenting on my post.

One reason I didn't recognize your pitch as a pitch is that it violated one rule: say what you are, by the first or second sentence.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous allan said...


That helps,

Thanks for the comment.

10:32 PM  

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