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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The University Experience at Bastiat Free University

Bastiat Free University may not be for you if your goal is "the university experience."

If your reason for attending university is to learn useful knowledge - Bastiat Free University may be exactly what you want.

The university experience is a coming of age story created for high school and prepretory (prep) school graduates. This story has two focuses.

Mainly for parents consumption is the promise of a good job, respect, and high earnings after the university race has been run. Principally for the students are the promises of parties, relationships, adult privileges - freedom from restraint.

These two university stories are not mutually exclusive. The student may look at university as a route to a good job; their parents may look forward to their own freedom when the kiddo heads off to school.

If you identified yourself in the above - skip Bastiat Free University.

Bastiat Free University is about learning useful knowledge.

An example would be a prep school graduate that started a business rather than head directly to university. Successful - they now want to acquire knowledge to aid them in their business. Bastiat Free University allows them to select courses they want to pursue for their own reasons - at their own pace.

For many students focused on learning - rather than the university experience - Bastiat Free University and self directed learning may be what they want.

A degree is an option for a student that has their own successful business. Learning is the target for their attending a university.

What kind of student are you?


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