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Friday, January 13, 2006

Jim Rogers - Press Release - Bastiat Free University




E503, Foundations of Investment Excellence, a new graduate level course has been created by Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers is the best selling author of Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip and Investment Biker : Around the World with Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers is very well known in financial circles for his incredible investment success. Hot Commodities : How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market is Jim Rogers latest best seller. He is also internationally well known for his travel adventures.

Jim Rogers' books are part of the curriculum in the lower division BFU entrepreneurship courses. The insights that he shares from his journeys are sure to enlighten.

Jim Rogers has assisted Bastiat Free University in creating this new course based on books that have influenced his winning philosophy. This course is sure to attract students that wish an understanding of what has created his success. This course will help prepare students for investing.

Rogers' books, his adventures, and his very successful investment career show him to be an exceptional man with a powerful story to tell. Find out the influences that helped shape such a wonderful achiever. From basics to advanced financial concepts, there is much to be learned in Jim Rogers' new course.

Bastiat Free University is designed for the independent mind. The master's courses at BFU are designed by thoughtful, successful doers. In these courses students can learn from those who set and accomplish their goals.

Bastiat Free University is a group of experimental colleges offering a renaissance style education created for the Netcohort. The emphases is on acquiring diverse knowledge and integrating that knowledge with action. Join our efforts to provide rediscovery of the pleasures involved in self directed learning.

BFU fulfills the desire of those who want to learn, but don't know where to turn. Bastiat Free University exists to provide students with a quality education for little or no cost.

People do like to keep score; take away scoring from sports and most sports would vanish. If students find it important to have a goal, we offer Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degrees. Do it yourself types will do it for free.

Why is Claude Frederic Bastiat the patron philosopher of BFU?

C. F. Bastiat was a nineteenth century statesman speaking out for the concepts of freedom and justice. Bastiat understood liberty, and he knew how to speak and write to communicate his views. And what wonderful views! Bastiat was Pro consumer, small business, and private education; while being Anti monopoly and big government. His logic is presented with entertaining, well stated reasoning; and he did like going "over the top."

About Bastiat Free University:

BFU has been created by Silent Partner Consulting - a group of small business consultants. The original concept was to assist those that have a small business, but have never had the time to complete a degree. The idea was expanded after discussions lamenting the availability of affordable education focused on rational learning.

BFU is for students.

Free is a good thing.

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