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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do You Love Liberty?

Is freedom important to you?

Do you want a huge resource library of articles, essays and books on freedom? - On a DVD?

There are over 500 works on liberty, provided on DVD, at no charge by the Liberty Fund. The liberty Fund provides us with wonderful Online Library of Liberty (OLL).

One of our goals at BFU is to give you "The wealth of centuries, comprised of knowledge, at your fingertips." -- OLL has now put a wealth of freedom materials in the palm of your hand. If you are in the BFU College of Liberty this will be indispensable, and did I mention free?

For you English majors, that is free as in free beer and free as in free speech.

To appraise the value of this wealth, note that "The National Endowment For The Humanities" has just awarded OLL a "Best of the Humanities on the Web" for 2005. -- The OLL met the NEH's demanding criteria for "intellectual quality, content, design, and most importantly, classroom impact."

Back to this exciting DVD. It can be yours at no charge, just for the asking.

There is a powerful search function, and historic reference outline. You can search by author, from Plato through Beowulf to Oppenheimer. Search by ancient Greece or Rome, through the medieval period, and up to the present day.

Click here ==> The Portable Library of Liberty.

Don't miss this one, for your own research, or for academic citations. - Be sure to follow fair use, copyright, and proper attribution procedures if you quote these books, essays, and letters.

Contact The Online Library Of Liberty to get your Portable Library of Liberty DVD, or just use their online resources, your free choice.

Tell David that Allan sent you.


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