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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Err Therefore I Am


Just a quick note.

I've started a blog to help my daughter with a new business project. It is also a test bed for a BFU 401 class, start a blog. A blog is a terrific way to generate traffic for your business site.

As an added plus I admit my fallibility in a post at dreampower.

Most quotes attributed to me are convoluted messes that take some deciphering, like

"Our reflection hides the view through the window." - Allan R. Wallace

or perhaps:

"The risks and rewards for you from creative entrepreneurship are greater, and of far more value to society, than illusions of security that enslave a human cog in the social machine." - Allan Wallace

Nothing pithy there.

This one may stick, it suits me:

"I err, therefore I am." - Allan R. Wallace


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Blogger Ted Demopoulos said...

My blog literally doubled the traffic to my biz website in the first month, and improved my search engine ranking overnite. Sounds like an infomercial, but true

4:00 AM  
Blogger Charity Shill said...

Thanks for the comment Ted,

Yeppers, a blog can make a big, and sometime a huge difference. The class should be available in our Business school first, the other schools in a week or two.

Now I have the infomercial. ;>}



12:02 AM  

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