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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Three Secrets To Learning Passion

Do you already possess a passion for learning?

A passion filled life, one where you enhance your knowledge by delving deeper into what is most important for you, is endorsed by many - sought by few.

To expand your life beyond servicing necessities and into learning passions, here are a few areas to examine.

  • Avoiding distractions
Life itself can be a distraction. A regular life routine filled with work, eating, and entertainments can become sedative. Lulled into the complacency of average expectations the great potential within you may never awaken. It can be the expected that defines you, as it has many others. Small successes and occasional disappointments mark the daily hills and valleys of your life.

Break from this pattern, get outside the box of normal expectations and redefine yourself. Make your life an expression of passion by examining all you do, removing all that does not help you grow. By seeking deeper understanding -- make your life burn brightly.

  • Broadening your search
What you regularly do each day can be comfortably programmed movements. If your life is filled with mundane daily routine - change the view's scale. Instead of looking at daily events go directly to a view of what you would like to accomplish with your life. This is the difference between watching ripples around you and climbing a mountain to view full rivers, lakes, and streams.

If you choose to climb the mountains of experience you will learn one thing; if you look at the maps made by other's experience you will learn another. To gain the greatest perspective, use maps created by others to guide your own initial explorations. If you enjoy music - study the lives of great composers, from classical to rock, and learn of their expression of passions -- their triumphs and disasters.

  • Concentrate your learning Passion
Having started with your general search you will soon find new views that entice you to inspect knowledge more closely. Follow new maps and new paths to investigate what now appears so interesting. Don't stop at the first thrill, keep looking, there will be much more to discover.

At some point you will find that with each new discovery, you are comparing them to a certain prior discovery. The paths, the maps, the knowledge you gain, all seem to relate to this exciting nexus that continues to draw you back. You have discovered a passion.

Attack this discovery on two fronts, from within as you explore its depth, from without as you relate other discoveries back toward the center. This may be one of the passions that can define a greater life for you -- seek first to define the passion.

  • In summary

It is your life, it is your search. You have willingly looked at this general map about learning passion. Getting on your feet and out of a daily routine will be your next step.

Your daily routine is a rut, and a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out. Maps provided by others can offer direction and help direct your steps. It is your learning more about what you enjoy that will be the steps along the path leading to your passions.

"Our doubts are traitors

and make us lose the good we oft might win,

by fearing to attempt"


Whether you are just starting to seek and define your passions; are studying and learning passion; or are enveloped by a passion for learning, there is much waiting to be discovered during the remainder of your life adventure.

You can sit in a life of quiet desperation, or you can commit to exploring your understanding of yourself and your awaiting learning passions.


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