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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cost appropriate learning?


If you wish to spend no money, and still receive a valuable education; welcome.

If you wish to acquire credits or a degree, they are available at a cost that covers the administration and review of your education. BFU lets you combine self directed distance learning and personal accomplishment. Bastiat Free University offers you cost appropriate learning tailored to your individual goals.

Learning for yourself at no cost sounds good; and for many that will be enough. Discover once again the pleasure of learning. Enter in and review our offerings, pick and choose as you wish. Grab some specific knowledge or learn to live as a sovereign individual in the information age. The choices are yours.

Enjoy yourself.

People do like to keep score; take away scoring from sports and most sports would vanish. If you find it important to have a goal, we offer Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degrees.

You are probably wondering, "How much is 'cost appropriate' going to cost me?" We like to keep everything honest and up front at Bastiat Free University: All classes at BFU are available at no charge.

You only pay if you want credit toward a diploma from Bastiat Free University. The current one time (not each semester) enrollment fee is US$75.00 and the administration and review charge is $15.00 per unit.

If all you want is a bit of specific knowledge, it's here, at no charge. If you want to learn the reasoning of great thinkers from prior generations, you will find it here at no cost also. If your goal is to escape the oppression of a local government; and establish yourself as a "sovereign individual," welcome home.

Liberty is a byword here; welcome to Bastiat Free University.


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