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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Peter Drucker's Legacy

As of November 11, 2005, Peter Drucker is no longer with us.
He is best known for creating a thoughtful framework of and for management theory.

Peter Drucker's arguments for treating employees as valuable assets of the company and letting them make decisions at their level reflected the efforts of many successful prior leaders. Peter Drucker took those prior successful actions and clearly wrote about them as a management style.

Of course many executives gave lip service to Peter Drucker's decentralized organizational theories and still maintained an elitist micro-management style.

The Wall Street Journal has just e-published a free compilation of Peter Drucker's short opinion essays. This WSJ review celebrates Peter Drucker's life as a management and organizational thought leader. For your own growth, check out Peter Drucker's Legacy.

Bastiat Free University has a course based on Peter Drucker's more recent books in our College of Entrepreneurship.

A better deal, if what you want to do is learn more about management, is review the WSJ material. You will walk away from the experience more knowledgeable, and potentially a better manager.

Read the essays in Peter Drucker's Legacy. It will cost you nothing but a bit of time, it offers a huge return on that investment.



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Anonymous jnntt said...

This Bastiat Free University is such a great concept. I absolutely love it and will come back often. Keep up the good work and let's get the word out!


7:54 AM  
Anonymous allan said...


Thanks for the support.

BFU has a future, but it will be folks like you that build it.

By word of mouse.



12:36 PM  

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